Merch Mom

Merch Mom has decided to partner with Go With The Flow, a local initiative that provides menstrual products to students in Phoenix and Tucson.

With every "Anything you can do I can do Bleeding", "Shed Walls Don't Build Them", & Womb Tang Clan t-shirt purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the mission of Go With The Flow.


ABOUT Go With The Flow

Go With the Flow is an initiative that provides menstrual hygiene products to students in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan area via “period packs.” The packs contain tampons and sanitary napkins as well as a resource card for Spot On, an application that helps its users keep track of their periods. 

Making a resource like period packs available is important because students should not have their education disrupted by the anxiety or discomfort that can arise from not having access to necessary menstruated items. It is Go With The Flow’s core belief that no student should have to compromise their dignity just because their bodies are engaging in a normal, healthy function such as menstruation!